Cách chơi đế chế aoe trên garena mới nhất 2018

To play AOE online, using the Empire game on Garena is the most effective và popular method for Vietnamese gamers today. When playing Empire on Garena, you will be fully supported by the features of this software lớn help players have the most stable matches.

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As you all know Empire is Lan game was born a long time ago but still prevalent in Vietphái nam. And how khổng lồ play Empire on Garena is the most reasonable plan for you to lớn play Empire online, helping you to rub against other opponents on the Internet instead of the Lan model as before.

And playing Empire on Garena is also a way to lớn help you practice playing Empire, learn a lot of things from the Empire community on Garena, if you bởi vì not know how khổng lồ play Empire on Garemãng cầu, the following instruction is what you in need.

How to play Empire on Garemãng cầu new version

Method 1: Because Garemãng cầu version does not integrate Lan Games to lớn be able khổng lồ play Empire Online, so you need lớn install the Lan Games tool that Garena released separately,

– Download LAN GAMES– Refer to lớn the way install LAN GAMES

After successfully installing LAN GAMES, you log in with your Garemãng cầu trương mục và go lớn select the Empire game as well as phối the same path as before. So you can play Empire online through Garena tài khoản okay.

Method 2: Play Empire Online via GameRanger

– Download GameRanger– Way Play empire online on GameRanger

GameRanger is said to lớn be no cheating, so choosing GameRanger khổng lồ solo và play the empire with your friends is also a good choice.


How khổng lồ play Empire on the old version of Garena

Step 1: Download & install Garena năm nhâm thìn here on the computer. This is the most popular version today and supports playing Empire on Garena.

mở cửa the software Garemãng cầu.


Step 2: Import Garemãng cầu tài khoản and password. Next press Login Garemãng cầu.


Step 3: In Garena’s Games list, click LAN. In many cases, when players log in Garemãng cầu will not see the appearance of Lan trò chơi, this is a common bug that Garemãng cầu does not have lan game, now you should tải về & install the lakiểm tra version of Garemãng cầu.


Step 4: Choose GAME to enter the selection of games that tư vấn online play.

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Step 5: Choose AOE I khổng lồ play the familiar Empire 1 game.


Step 6: Choose a country Vietnam and Choose Game room you want to lớn come in. In addition, you can choose VPS clusters in Europe or SouthAmerica, hệ thống clusters in China (Trung Quốc Net, NetCom, Taiwan, Qi Lu Netcom)


Step 7: May Double cliông xã to lớn enter the room. Or Right clichồng choose Join Game (or select a room and double click)


Step 8: Install the path for the game Empire 1 on your computer

– If not mix the path you press directly START ->A message will appear “The executable path of game has not been configured, please config it now”


– Now you need to lớn install the path for the game Empire: You clichồng on the ibé Setting next to the Start button.


Cliông chồng next Settings ibé in Executable Settings (11). Go to the folder containing the Empire game (12), if you bởi vì not have sầu the installer, you tải về Empire. Then press Open.


Continue pressing Apply and Cthảm bại to lớn save settings.


Step 9: Press Start to start playing Empire 1 on Garemãng cầu.


How to play empire on garena, how to play AOE online on Garemãng cầu network

Go lớn play Empire on Garemãng cầu, clichồng Show Game Normally, the network of other players will appear. Click on the room & compete with the opponent. Normally when clicking trò chơi show, you will see the room that other gamers have sầu created, but many cases of playing aoe on garemãng cầu bởi not show the game, please refer khổng lồ the following articles.

Can’t show network, you refer

Fix the error of not showing the empire networkTurn off upnp, fix the show not show AOE empire game networkDownload UPNP


How khổng lồ play Empire 1 on Garena, fix bugs not show network & learn the types of troops in the empire

If you want to create a room for yourself và your friends, you can completely refer khổng lồ how to lớn create aoe room on garemãng cầu lớn establish an empire network and you have sầu enough permissions to phối up for your matches without having to lớn wait for gamers. other create network.

Above sầu is a very detailed guide on how to play Empire on Garena, play online for you. Go khổng lồ the game and “exchange” the players lớn increase the level of your Empire. If at any time, the mạng internet is broken, how lớn play empire via LAN will be a useful solution for you now.

Currently, besides referencing how lớn play the empire on Garena, players still play against each other on another network called CGA, because the CGA hệ thống is located in China, many of you want lớn refer khổng lồ how to play the empire online. on CGA to lớn interact with gamers in your Chinese country is also a way to improve sầu your level

Another trick on Garemãng cầu is quite attractive that is using Gas Garena khổng lồ win prizes. You can understvà that games lượt thích FIFA Online, League of Legends, Legendary Fighter … of Garemãng cầu are supported Offline rewards from Gas Garemãng cầu. You just need khổng lồ use Gas Garena lớn spin the prize. Items that can be recorded will quickly be transferred to your respective sầu game tài khoản.

https://thuthuat.taimienphi.vn/cach-choi-de-che-tren-garena-13650n.aspx The current Empire game is constantly being developed. Most recently, the “Empire” loving community has received the good news that Vietnam appeared in the game of Empire 2. More specifically, the Vietnamese Empire & the Le Loi army have sầu been added to the Empire by game makers. Mode 2. The fact that Vietnam appeared in Empire 2 will attract a large number of Vietnamese gamers lớn join this game. Hopefully one day we will witness the high-profile Empire 2 matches like the current Empire 1 game.