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Photodex ProShow Producer – Create stunning professional slideshows with unlimited production control, powerful creative sầu tools and time-saving shortcuts.The ultimate tool for creating video clip slideshows. Create slideshows without limits. Add any amount of photos, videos và music. Use an impressive arsenal of creative sầu tools and techniques.Powerful tools can still be fast and easy to use. Automatic show creation và instant effects make creating polished slideshows fast và easy. Workflow that works with you, not against you.Take total control when you need to lớn. Only Producer lets you take total control over your shows.Tweak, edit, & customize ’till your heart’s nội dung. Fine-tune, or build something entirely new.Share, publish và sell in HD. Online or on your TV. Over 40 ways khổng lồ publish at your fingertips. Stream on Facebook, YouTube, your blog or trang web. Burn khổng lồ DVD, CD or Blu-ray. Or go di động on an ipad tablet or iPhone.

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Only ProShow Producer gives you the features of a đoạn phim editor with the ease-of-use of a slideshow tool. Blkết thúc photos và videos together in nearly any way imaginable.Use the built-in đoạn phim trimmer to lớn edit your video clip clips and use just the portion you want. Turn videos to lớn blaông chồng & trắng or sepia with one-click colorization effects. Adjust the speed of your đoạn Clip clip khổng lồ create cool, slow-mo sequences and apply any of Producer"s slide styles to your video

Customize soundtracks & voiceovers.

Use Producer"s audio controls lớn crop songs, crossfade multiple tracks, record voiceovers và phối custom fades. For a quick fix, use auto-sync to lớn instantly sync your show lớn your music.

Create titles that impress.

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Add captions and titles that rival Hollywood. Use textures và customize motion lớn create fantastic animations. Easily create proofing shows with text macros from EXIF or IPTC metadata.


Protect your images and brand your business.

Add a custom watermark lớn your slideshow to lớn protect your images. Copy protect your discs with password protection, playbaông chồng security and prsự kiện piracy of your images. Use Producer"s branding feature khổng lồ promote your business. Add a custom startup screen, icons và more.

Publish anywhere

Publishing your slideshows is easy, with over 40 popular formats for watching on TV, online, & devices. Easily post shows on Facebook YouTube and SmugMug. Burn directly khổng lồ DVD, Blu-ray & CD. Add a professional touch with Hollywood-style movie menus.