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Century Gothic Font is a sans-serif typeface that has been highly used for advertisement purpose since it releases. It is an elegant typeface that is based on an extended Gothic family. The font family came into lớn being many years ago, after which several Versions và styles originated. The Century Gothic phông is one of them that is highly used & highly recommended for different purposes.You watching: Download font century gothic việt hóa

Sol Hess, a popular typeface designer, designed this font in the late 19302 that was released by Monotype Foundry. Soon after it became public, it became everyone’s Priority & started being used everywhere. The fonts is designed after being stimulated by the 20th-century typefaces. It comprises a large X-height và provides the best results for advanced Digital systems.Bạn đang xem: Font century gothic việt hóa

Furthermore, Century Gothic Font Generator is another facility provided khổng lồ the user. The tool allows you to lớn generate different Gothic Font Logos và Images free of cost without downloading the fonts in the system. On the other hvà, it also assists you to create the downloaded fonts web-friendly so that it becomes agreeable for every type of Browser.

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Century Gothic Font History

The Gothic family is one of the main typefaces for the western culture as they highly used this typeface family throughout these years. It emerged as a replacement for the ITC Avant Garde phông that was developed by Herb Lubalin, a typeface designer. The phông emerged as a competition with another famous Sans-serif typeface, Futura fonts.

It is a solely advanced typeface that has never been made as a metal kind. The sans-serif typeface was released in 1991 that contains different characters & weights, including Bold, Regular, Italic, Condensed, Bold Italic, etc. It is one of the unique sans-serif typefaces that has released different additional versions with better features & characteristics.


History of Century Gothic Font

You can also come across many alternatives to lớn this phông, including Clarity Nuvo fonts, Berren Grotesk Font, và a few others. They contain many similarities và can be used instead of the Gothic typeface. This fonts used less ink as compared to other typefaces. According to research, less than 30% ink is used as compared khổng lồ Ariel font. The font can be downloaded in many formats, including TTF and OTF.

Font Information

NameCentury Gothic Font
DesignerSol Hess
FoundryMonotype Imaging
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
Date Released1991
LicenseFree for Personal Use Only
TypeFree Version

Usage Of Century Gothic Font

It is a notable fonts to be used for Advertisement and publishing purposes. It is a clean and clear thiết kế that makes the small size text readable, so that’s why it is highly used for such purposes. During teaching languages, you might have sầu noticed this phông being used in one way or another. Let’s highlight those platforms where this typeface has been used all these years.

1- Educational Platform

In 20đôi mươi the NOOCA institute got their hands on this font for the annual Gala. In many educational institutes, this fonts was highlighted và remained a primary fonts during educational programs. You can also use the fonts in your assignments và other purposes.

2- Entertainment

If you are a video clip game lover, you might have noticed this fonts in different online video games. A classic Arcade game Q*Bert used this phông in the past. It was also used on the cover of the Book series Sveva in the past. The book was published from năm ngoái lớn 2018.

An American Pop bvà, Maroon 5, also used this font. Previously their used Futura Medium that was later replaced by Century Gothic. The font was also featured in Jessica McClintock’s ads in the past. Daft Punk’sElectroma also used this phông along with Futura fonts.See more: Download Visio 2016 Sdk From Official Microsoft Download Center

3- Others

You can use this typeface in your designs, Projects, Products, Titles, Headings, Publishing platforms, Advertisements, Banners, and on every possible platkhung. It makes the design look appealing and make the small size text readable và legible.

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Century Gothic Font View


Century Gothic Font View

Century Gothic Font Family (Includes 4 Styles)

Century GothicCentury Gothic BoldCentury Gothic Bold ItalicCentury Gothic Italic

Similar Fonts to lớn Century Gothic

Geometric 212AnoFF Kievit

License Information

The fonts has 2 versions, i.e, không lấy phí and paid, và for the paid version, you need a license that is available from different platforms. Once you have access khổng lồ its license, you can make extended use of the Gothic phông on every commercial, Printing, và Digital project. Moreover, you will be không lấy phí lớn sell the fonts.

Century Gothic Font Free Download

You can get your hands on a free fonts for testing purposes and to use it in your personal work & projects. Download the font from the provided links và use it in your projects related to lớn a personal cấp độ. In order khổng lồ exceed the usage, you need access lớn its paid version.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Is Century Gothic a Good Font?

It is a perfect sans-serif typeface family that is mainly used for publishing purposes. However, people avoid using it in business plans because of being trendy fonts. However, it has an enlarged usage and has been used in multiple domains.

Is Century Gothic a System Font?

It is a geometric sans-serif typeface that comprises a large X-height & is perfect for small-kích thước texts. It makes the content readable & legible. You can surely give this fonts a try in your projects.

Is Century Gothic a Free Font for Commercial Use?

It is a miễn phí fonts for testing & using in personal projects, but for commercial projects, you need lớn buy the license. The font is not designed under the open-source license, so you are restricted khổng lồ get the license.

Who Designed Century Gothic Font?

Sol Hess, a notable typeface designer, designed this font in the 1990s that was released by Monotype. Since it emerges, it has been applied by many designers in their designs.

What Is Century Gothic Font Generator?

It is an online free tool that lets you design different phông Logos & posters without downloading the fonts. It also makes the downloaded font agreeable with your browser.See more: Adobe Cc 2017 Direct Download Links: Creative Cloud 2017 Release

Can I Use Century Gothic in A Logo?

Many notable brands và companies have used this font on their Logo. It gives a friendly vibe, so it can be used for this purpose.