Unreal Engine is now miễn phí. Free for game development. Free for Virtual Reality. Free for education. Free for architecture. Free for film.

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What"s New


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What is Unreal Engine 4?

Unreal Engine 4 is a complete suite of game development tools made by game developers, for game developers. From 2 chiều sản phẩm điện thoại games to console blockbusters và VR, Unreal Engine 4 gives you everything you need to lớn start, ship, grow and st& out from the crowd.


Designed for thiết bị di động, now & in the future. From simple 2 chiều games to lớn stunning high-over visuals, Unreal Engine 4 gives you the power lớn develop your game & seamlessly deploy to lớn iOS và Android devices.


Blueprint visual scripting enables you to lớn rapidly prototype và build complete games, simulations và visualizations without the need for programming. Blueprint tools and a visual debugger are included with Unreal Engine 4.


The Unreal Editor is a fully integrated suite of tools for building every aspect of your project. Advanced features include physically-based rendering, UI, level building, animation, visual effects, physics, networking, & asmix management.

New: Volumetric Fog

Create incredible ambience và mood in your environments using the new Volumetric Fog! Varying densities are supported so you can simulate clouds of dust or smoke flowing through light shafts, & any number of lights can affect the Volumetric Fog.

New: Image-Based (FFT) Convolution for Bloom

Create physically-realistic bloom post-process effects using the new image-based (FFT) convolution feature! Unreal Engine 4.16 ships with a FFT Bloom that empowers artists to use custom bloom kernel shapes, with total control over the intensity in order lớn match the results they imagine.

New: Release Games on Nintenvày Switch

Registered developers can now build and release games for the Nintenvì chưng Switch! Unreal Engine 4"s production-ready Nintenbởi vì Switch support is certification compliant, enables networked multiplayer, và provides access to multiple rendering pipelines - deferred, điện thoại forward, và clustered forward - to lớn enable you to ship virtually any type of game for Nintenvị Switch.

Source Code

Every Unreal Engine 4 developer has access lớn the complete C++ engine & editor source code. Having full source code gives you the power to lớn customize your game, & makes it easier to lớn debug and ship. Join Epic Games and the Unreal Engine community in updating and extending more than three million lines of code available on GitHub.

Virtual Reality

Visual fidelity combines with high performance to create engaging, immersive sầu VR experiences in UE4. Our rendering pipeline gets you lớn 90 Hz stereo framerate at high resolutions with no code changes required, while scalable tools mean you can develop everything from simple scenes to lớn complex cinematic environments. All with an iteration speed that makes your creative process easier.


Accelerate your development with sample games & scenes, art & audio, Blueprint lô ghích, & even C++ code. Buy nội dung lớn add khổng lồ your project, or create & sell your own.

One engine, one workflow

With Unreal Engine 4, you can learn one engine và one workflow lớn meet all of your needs now & in the future. From Mobile projects lớn super high-over console and PC games, Unreal Engine is in use by indies & professionals around the world.

Own the high end

Push your visuals to lớn the limit on PC, consoles, và VR with custom lighting, shading, VFX and cinematic systems. Create beautiful visuals for architectural visualizations, simulations, digital films, and more.

Everything you need to lớn get started

The Marketplace provides a wealth of production-ready game nội dung, asmix packs, documentation, sample projects, tutorials, và demos. Get up to lớn speed rapidly with high-chất lượng, UE4-ready items suitable for a wide range of art styles và game genres.

Niagara Platsize Support & Usability Improvements

In our continuing effort to lớn provide industry-leading effects tools, Niagara has received an expanded feature phối, substantial chất lượng of life improvements, & Niagara effects are now supported on Nintenbởi vì Switch.

GPU-Only Texture Sampling in Niagara

You can now sample a 2D texture or a pseudo-volume 2 chiều texture in your particle scripts! Create amazing effects such as rendering the scene"s depth, color & normal information using a Scene Capture Actor and use that to lớn reconstruct the environment within a Niagara particle system with the particles" potential & kinetic energy visualized as emissive sầu light.

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What"s New:

Unreal Engine 4.27 offers new features and enhancements for creators across all industries. In‑camera VFX goes next level with a slew of efficiency, quality, and ease-of-use improvements to lớn the virtual production toolphối, while other highlights include path tracing for stunning final images, out-of-the-box access khổng lồ Oodle và Bink, production-ready Pixel Streaming, and much more.

nDisplay enhancements

Applications that use multi-display rendering, including in‑camera VFX, are now much easier to lớn mix up, with a 3 chiều Config Editor and consolidated access to all nDisplay-related features & settings in a single UAsmix. There"s also support for OpenColorIO for accurate color calibration, & Beta support for multi-GPU rendering, together with easier multi-camera configuration.

Production-ready Pixel Streaming

Pixel Streaming is now production-ready, with a host of unique improvements và an upgraded version of WebRTC. In addition, we’ve sầu added tư vấn for Linux. This powerful giải pháp công nghệ enables Unreal Engine & applications built on it to run on a high-powered cloud virtual machine và to deliver the full-quality experience to kết thúc users anywhere on a normal web browser on any device.

Complete release notes here.

Previous release notes

Production-ready Hair & Fur

The strand-based Hair và Fur system is now production-ready, giving you the ability to lớn simulate & render high-chất lượng hair, fur, & feathers to create believable humans và animals. The system features built-in LOD generation và is compatible with effects such as DOF & Fog. Cards & meshes can be generated in engine for lower-kết thúc hardware (Experimental).

Sky, cloud, & environment lighting (Beta)

tác giả and render realistic or stylized skies, clouds, và other atmospheric effects with full artistic freedom, with a new Volumetric Cloud component that can interact with Sky Atmosphere, Sky Light, & up khổng lồ two directional lights. Components can be lit và shadowed dynamically, in line with time-of-day updates in real time.

Water system (Experimental)

Create believable bodies of water within your landscapes with a new Water system that gives you the ability lớn define oceans, lakes, rivers, và islands using splines. Built-in fluid simulation enables characters & objects lớn realistically interact with the water; the fluid also responds lớn Terrain, such as reflecting ripples off the shore, and reacting to lớn river flow maps.

Movie Render Queue enhancements (Beta)

You can now output render passes, including matte IDs, camera motion vectors, Z-depth, ambient occlusion, reflections, and more, from the Movie Render Queue. In addition, there’s now tư vấn for OpenColorIO (OCIO), & for exporting multi-channel EXRs, Apple ProRes và Avid DNxHR codecs, and Final Cut Pro XML EDLs, as well as the ability khổng lồ integrate render farms.

Animation in Sequencer (Beta)

It’s now possible to lớn create animations by blending animation clips (such as motion-captured data) directly in Sequencer, with the ability khổng lồ pReviews skeleton animations & match joint placement for a smooth transition between clips. The feature is integrated with Control Rig, which now offers a full-body toàn thân IK solution (Experimental), in addition lớn the standard FK/IK.

nDisplay support for large LED volumes (Beta)

We’ve updated nDisplay lớn enable more pixels to lớn be rendered at a higher frame rate, increasing performance and supporting larger LED volumes with existing hardware. We’ve done this by leveraging capabilities such as NVIDIA’s NVLink giải pháp công nghệ that can transfer data between two GPUs at very high speed, enabling the rendering load to lớn be split between GPUs.

Collaborative Viewer template enhancements

The Collaborative Viewer template that enables collaborative design review on VR/AR/Desktop has received significant usability and performance improvements that enhance the experience and enable more users khổng lồ join a session. In addition, there is now support for voice communication between participants over VOIP using in-engine peer-to-peer protocols.

Remote Control API & Prephối (Beta)

We’ve added the ability to easily collect parameters or function libraries from the Unreal Engine UI inkhổng lồ customizable presets that can be used in a panel in the Unreal Editor. These can also be seamlessly connected lớn widgets—such as radial dials, sliders, or color pickers—in website applications, enabling users to quickly change properties from an external device such as an iPad.

Chaos improvements (Beta/Experimental)

We continue khổng lồ improve sầu Chaos with the intention of replacing PhysX as the default physics system. Chaos is now available for Rigid Bodies, Cloth, & Ragdolls (Beta), and for Vehicles (Experimental). In addition, constraint positions can now be set explicitly, joint stability for longer chains is improved, & the solver is more stable at lower iteration counts than PhysX. To use Chaos in your projects, you"ll need to lớn compile the engine from source.

Module Additions & Improvements

Generate và receive death eventsNow factoring mass inkhổng lồ multiple modulesNew SampleSkeletalMeshSkeleton, SampleSkeletalMeshSurface, SkeletalMeshSkeletonLocation & SkeletalMeshSurfaceLocation modules khổng lồ complement enhancements to lớn the Skeletal Mesh Data InterfaceNew AddVelocityInCone moduleNew Force modules: FindKineticAndPotentialEnergy, GravityForce, SpringForce & multiple usability tweaks to lớn other forcesNew KillParticlesInVolume moduleNew SpriteRotatationRate moduleNew RecreateCameraProjection module for using render targets & camera transforms to turn scene captures inlớn deformable particle systemsNew modules for sampling textures: SamplePseudoVolumeTexture, SampleTexture, SubUV_TextureSample, and WorldAlignedTextureSampleNew utility modules for temporal interpolation and frame countersMany new dynamic inputs & functions


How to install Unreal Engine in Windows:

Click the Download button lớn get our installer.Once the tải về is complete, Run the installer.Cliông xã the Install button when the Epic Games Launcher Setup dialog box appears.Sign inlớn the Epic Launcher.Clichồng the Unreal Engine tab inside the Epic Games Launcher Loading Screen.Cliông chồng the Install Engine button khổng lồ tải về và install the lachạy thử version of Unreal Engine.Read our Unreal Engine End User License Agreement (EULA) prior to clicking the Accept button.Depending on your system specifications, downloading and installing Unreal Engine will take between 10-40 minutes.

How khổng lồ install Unreal Engine in macOS:

Cliông xã the Download button to lớn get our installer.Double-clichồng the EpicGamesLauncher.dmg ibé in Finder to lớn open a new Finder Window.Drag the Epic Games Launcher ibé inkhổng lồ the Applications thư mục.Sign inkhổng lồ the Epic Launcher.Clichồng the Unreal Engine tab inside the Epic Games Launcher Loading Screen.Clichồng the Install Engine button to lớn download và install the lakiểm tra version of Unreal Engine.Read our Unreal Engine End User License Agreement (EULA) prior khổng lồ clicking the Accept button.Depending on your system specifications, downloading và installing Unreal Engine will take between 10-40 minutes.