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Bạn đang xem: Romance of the three kingdoms xi free game download

a game by Koei
Platforms: PC, Playstation 2
User Rating: 6.6/10 - 22 votes
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In Many Ways, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI is much like the love sầu that old people have for each other: it"s deep, it"s been going on for a long time, & lớn most people it"s completely impenetrable. You don"t understvà how this decrepit system has kept together all this time, but it turns out that there"s real beauty behind it all, once you take the time to look past the silence & weirdness.

The problem isn"t so much that RTKXI doesn"t ease you inkhổng lồ its world - its exhaustive tutorial takes two hours - it"s just that RTKXI has got so much to teach you that your head will spin. It lacks the logical connections that most strategy games have - for example, khổng lồ build around a đô thị, you have sầu to select the city, click build, then click on randomly placed build areas, instead of just clicking an icon and building. Every action seems khổng lồ have sầu four or five menus behind it each one with drop-downs, resources, time constraints & statistics that they abide by. When you have sầu lớn build things in six cities, controlling it all becomes an absolute nightmare.

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Then you have the complexities of keeping the will, supplies and vehicles of troops under control. This is complicated by each action you need khổng lồ take requiring a general, and each general having different statistics & specialities.

As PC gamers, we"re not shy of reams of statistics - but RTKXI is confounding. Even now, when I have sầu a grasp of what is going on, it remains bewildering. Once you work out plausible stratagems, you"ll find it incredibly satisfying to lớn exexinh tươi them - but first you"ll need to understvà the balance between resource gathering, statistic building và troop marching.

All that & comprehkết thúc several other columns of numbers.RTKXI has hours of mile-deep strategy, & will appeal lớn a certain person -someone with the patience of a saint & the ability khổng lồ take on a great giảm giá of information that doesn"t connect in any logical construct. And indeed, someone who can tolerate an over-complicated interface, a serious amount of numbercrunching & aged graphics.